BYOB Los Angeles IV 


BYOB Los Angeles IV

Bring Your Own Beamer having already reached over 162 cities since 2010 is a prefabricated art show open to the public to organize. BYOB was created by Rafael Rozendaal. This particular show- smaller scale, and set in South Los Angeles, not sponsored by a business, served as a fraction of my senior project. 6 electronic visual sound artists and 9 solo projectionists.  Click the Artists's below to view and or listen to their work. 

Artists who participated in BYOB Los Angeles IV May 1st 2016

1. Houston Guy as Malfunkn: He plays the gear and the gear plays the graphics. 

Malfunkn has been programming his own custom generative visuals written in C++ for over 5 years.  He performs using a specific type of hardware musical instruments, and is able to utilize over 16 channels of discreet audio and 16 channels of MIDI into his visual code. 



2. Martin Tzonev audio and visual artist also known as WARM BODY

Sound Cloud


3. CutMod William Michaelson and Ryan Legg

Interactive projection mapping


4. Shane Longway 

Sound Cloud


5. J.De Sosa


6. Isabel Miller 

7. Eve Neuhart

8. Lachlan Turczan 


9. Nate Rennick as HOLD


10. Cassidy Kean 

Cut Mod set up shop outside and projected on wall out there. People could step in front of the motion detector it would dictate the visuals.

University of Redlands Art Show 2016

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